Texel has a diverse landscape that is beautiful in all seasons, picturesque villages with friendly cafés and restaurants, nature, fresh air, space and many entertainment possibilities.
Once visitors have experienced the charms of the island, they will come back, sometimes several times a year, because Texel has much to offer in all seasons.

Texel has more than 130 km cycle paths and an extensive network of walking routes.
For sports fans there is plenty to experience on the island, such as horseback riding, catamaran sailing, parachute jumping and karting.

Experience the various villages in the island atmosphere. In Den Burg you can find a streetmarket on Monday morning and there are good shopping possibilities, but also in other villages such as De Koog, Oudeschild and De Cocksdorp you can spend some time on one of the many inviting terraces, visit museums or enjoy good food from local products such as fresh fish or the worldfamous Texel Lamb.

A day at the beach or just unwind? There are several beach entrances where beach pavilions can be found, among other things.. Some are even open all year round! On most beaches in the summer lifeguards will be on their posts.

Texel is one of the easiest to reach Wadden Sea Islands. Departing from Den Helder you sail in just 20 minutes to our island. The ferry is accessible to vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Reservation is not possible or necessary. For more information see www.teso.nl.

This island is called Texel, but the people who live here, call it differently. They have a very special name for their Island. Here they say “Tessel”. So we go to play today on Tessel, cycling on Tessel and sunbathe on Tessel. On TEXEL you mean! (quote from the children book “Tessel” by Marianne Witte)